We place candidates in Financial Services, Mutual Fund, Investment Management and Investment Technology companies. We have over 20 years experience in recruiting, with varied roles in corporate, consulting and agency settings; as well as in the financial services, technology, accounting, biotech and medical device markets. We have long-standing relationships with a robust network of clients. As a result, we are intimately familiar with their culture, growth opportunities and benefits, and we will assist you closely in finding the best position from our bank of job opportunities.

The Market

The job search is a difficult process. Job applicants need confidentiality, advice, and professional support in this ever-changing market. Often, the best opportunities are not advertised, and many postings do not give sufficient information to allow you to position your approach.

Today, many online recruiters flood employers with resumes of candidates they have found on the Internet, often without speaking to the candidate first. Black Bear Search Group is not among these recruiters. Instead, we believe in taking a personal approach to the recruiting process.


Our goal is to identify the criteria for your search, and work closely with you to target opportunities that align with your talents, skills, and energy. Qualified candidates can expect one or more interviews geared toward the company and the position for which they are applying.

We work closely to coordinate the logistics of interview, feedback, and evaluation, and offer negotiation assistance if necessary. After you’ve started your new position, we will check in with you and your new employer to ensure a smooth transition and a successful long-term match.

If you are seeking a new career opportunity, or want to be advised when we have a position that might be right for you, please send a Word version of your resume and brief description of your career objective. If you identified a position from a job posted on our website, please include reference to the particular position.

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The information you provide is considered private and will not be used or given out without your knowledge and consent.

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